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I remember a story that once Swami Varadand Bharati told us.

A renowned advocate had a bad habit of regularly consuming alcohol. One day, in the morning before going to the court, he took 4-5 glasses of wine. When his client’s case came on board, he was called. He came and heard the argument made by his opponent. When his turn came, he started arguing and surprisingly, he was arguing in favour of his opponent which was the obvious effect of consuming wine and was arguing better than his opponent. His client was confused. This continued for 10-15 minutes and then the advocate came to his normal senses and realised that he was arguing against his own client. He then said, “My Lord, till now I had told what my opponent could argue in this matter and now I will tell you what I want to tell to the court.” He then pleaded and won the case.

The story tells us that, a person can use his intellect to prove or disprove anything that he/she wishes to do. The intellect is a double-edged sword and one can use it for his/her selfish motive or for the betterment of society and nation.

Most of the so-called scholars are using the intellectual power for their selfish motives which may include money, position and other fringe benefits.  It seems they might have put board on their house stating that “Our intellectual power is on sale. We will prove/ disprove as per the requirement of the customer.”  

On the other hand with mere dry arguments charged with unworthy logic it is not possible to come to the truthful conclusion. Instead it shall become necessary that one must have selfless intellect, love and affection to his/her motherland. In case of Hindus it is desirable that they possess an in-depth knowledge of Hindu culture, philosophy and scriptures. Through such pious qualities alone one can arrive at the truthful conclusions.

In India, right after attaining the independence, the philosophies of Communism or Socialism were adopted by most of the intellectuals working in various sectors as a predominant norm. And the media (print & electronic) too became a conduit for Communism and Socialism.

It is not possible to discuss the details of the philosophical aspects of communism within the brevity of this article, but in nutshell, Communism can be seen as something that it is pathologically opposes Hindu or Bhartiya philosophy. In accordance to such anti-Hindu rhetoric, all the left-leaning intellectuals that are working in Indian media have started propagating that Euro-centrism is the best philosophy and thereby started creating a non-conducive atmosphere in which every tenet of Indian philosophy and Indian beliefs have been ridiculed.

Most of them started using their ‘intellectual’ power to demoralise the Hindus and have tried to focus on the news which can put the Hindus and their traditions under poor light. Obviously, the well informed lot from Hindus have started reacting by paying these leftists in their own token. The intellectuals who got cornered have thus started tagging Hindus as ‘intolerant.’

Koenraad Elst in his book titled "Ayodhya and Issues before Hindu Society" writes that

The most important opponents of Hindu society today are not the Islamic communal leaders, but the interiorized colonial rulers of India, the alternated English-educated and mostly Left-leaning elite that noisily advertises its secularism. It is these people who impose anti-Hindu policies on Hindu society, and who keep Hinduism down and prevent it from proudly raising its head after a thousand years of oppression. The worst torment for Hindu society today is not the arrogant and often violent agitation from certain minority groups, nor the handful of privileges which the non-Hindu communities are getting. The worst problem is this mental slavery, this sense of inferiority which Leftist intellectuals, through their power and position in education and the media, and their direct influence on the public and political arena, keep on inflicting on the Hindu mind.

Since many decades, media has been putting Hindus under severe, fanatical trial and has not left a single opportunity to blame Hindus. Throughout the country they keep a watch on the incidents that take place through which Hindus could be targeted.

Once they find an issue, they create such an euphoria that even the Hindus would start doubting their roots. That is how this leftist media sensationalises even a non-issue into a ‘burning’ topic.

In the last article, we have seen the case of Dadri case which was focussed by media to blame Hindus (of course with some exceptions) during the Bihar elections. Many of those so-called scholars started a ill-motivated movement of 'AWARD WAPSI' and started shouting against rising intolerance in the country.

Here, the obvious question that arises is whether money or political fringe benefits are involved in this 'AWARD WAPSI'  circus? Such doubts naturally arise owing to the glorification done to a localised law & order situation to an international topic! This issue must be taken seriously by Press Council of India and it should thoroughly investigate the motives of those Award-wapsi writers. There are few evidences in support of the above demand that came up in the recent incidents that took place in Malda (West Bengal) and Uttar Pradesh.

 In Malda, thousands of Muslims joined a rally to protest against the statement given by Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari. In democracy, one can protest against the other. But while protesting, the mob that assembled started burning vehicles, attacking Hindus and also the police stations. It simply means that the mob had taken law in to their hands. Almost 25 Hindu shops and houses were ransacked. Is it not a well planned activity?  Media personnel may say it is outrage of the mob because of the statement made by Tiwari. But this morbid mentality of intellectuals is not new but an old fashioned crookedness.

Let us pause for a minute here and see what Elst writes in his book :

Consider this report in the Times of India : The procession numbering about 5000 people was wending its way through the narrow streets of Colonelganj shouting some slogans which could be deemed provocative in an atmosphere of tension, when it was attacked with stones, bombs and other missiles. The attack allegedly began from the roof of the Janata Dal office, according to some shopkeepers whose shops were gutted. This suggests that slogan-shouting on the part of the processionists has caused the violence. But of course, bombs are not picked up and thrown in an emotional reaction to inflammatory slogans, as too many journalists would like us to believe. Bombs are quite certainly purchased or made beforehand, and a bomb-attack is definitely premeditated. In fact, on rooftops not even loose-lying stones are that readily available for impulsive acts of stone-throwing.”

Unfortunately, as always, most of the leading media houses did not discuss the issue of riots taken place in Malda or UP.  We must congratulate Shri Sudhir Chaudhari of Zee Media and Shri Arnab Goswami of TimesNow for discussing the issues in greater detail.

Readers are encouraged to see the videos in this context. Shri Arnab Goswami in his show, took those so called intellectuals who returned their awards, left and right on the issue that why they are not returning the awards now after seeing the violence in mass scale in Malada and UP.

Hindu life is not important:

Recently, in the month of January 2016, a 17 year old boy, named Rathod from Pandharpur (Maharashtra), came to Pune. One day he was standing on the road and three Muslim boys came and asked him, “Who are you?” He said, “My name is Rathod!”. Suddenly the Muslim boys started pouring fuel on him and in next minute burnt him alive. He was admitted in a nearby hospital and but it was too late to save his life. Again unfortunately, there was no large scale media coverage or prolonged discussion on this issue. Why? Because Rathod was a Hindu. On 22-01-2016, Zee media in DNA program published the news. But unlike Dadri case, the issue was not discussed in any other news channel or print media.

The reason why most of the media persons and so called intellectuals are against Hindus is that they know the principle, “If you blame Hindus you will gain everything and no casualty will take place.”

I think, we Hindus must make these so called ‘intellectuals’ realize their ‘intolerance’ and the animosity they create through their vicious, hate-campaigns. To accomplish this task all Hindus must take to the intellectual revolution without disturbing law and order.

The most effective way is to boycott these people and show them their place. This will send strong message to the media that “Do not blame Hindus or Muslims to earn your daily bread & two-minute fame. Your job is to put the truth before the readers/viewers such that the real secularism will be established in our nation. Let the guilty from any religion, caste or creed shall be punished and justice be given to the victims.”

For this precise reason only our ancient thinkers have stress up on the following values:

सत्यम वद

धर्मम चर

क्रियासिद्धि सत्त्वॆ भवति

Let all Hindus adhere to the above principles and make our Bharat as Vishwa Guru for one more time.



+2 #1 Mr. rajkumar 2016-02-18 11:30
1.The views expressed by auther are very important , these views should be published in local and regional media also for awareness.
2. Some legal action agaist these has to be taken for that we canform forum .

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