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“I am Umar Khalid, I am not a terrorist! I am targeted because I am a Muslim” – Umar Khalid (as reported in media)

Same rhetoric. From Azharuddin to Sharukh Khan, many have tried this nonsensical argument of I am a Muslim and hence being targeted. Not surprising though, to see such a filthy argument coming from a ProTerror-JihadiActivist Umar Khalid.

Since his arrest is imminent, the AC Room Intellectuals are now seeking the truth to come out in open. It is unfortunate that they can't see the truth. Forget about the technicalities of the Laws, which in due course of time (may be 2/3 decades) will certainly come out. And yet again, if a death sentence is pronounced for these Jr. Afzal Gurus, we will see the protest marches and freedom of speeches and yet another round of truth seeking intellectual blabbering.

What we sadly lack and badly need is integrity, which none of the intellectuals speak about. People have the fashion of taking a different view, just because the other view happens to be of a so called 'Hindu' Party. In the process of opposing anything and everything of BJP, people have forgotten to stand united. SHAME on these intellectuals, Activists and Politicians, who remain truth seekers for ever.


These Commies, Congis and their students’affiliations have whole lot of time to protest in favour of Beef Festivals in Universities. They have time to protest in favour of Kiss of Love Movements and they have no time to protest for the Nation! Not a single rally was organized by these Students’Unions in the last two weeks. Yet they claim, they are Patriots of first order! And sadly, they are still protesting against Delhi Police for arresting their Leader, who helped the cause of Umar Khalid. The way Commies and Congis are supporting this Anti National Activity, either they must be stupid in their thinking or falling prey to the jihadists with their outdated ideology seemingly syncing with Jihad.

Another important fact is the timing of his come back from hole. Through India Today, an atmosphere has been created and doubts have been created in the minds of people about the validity of the videos. Like never before, India Today has taken the issue of Anti National Activities as it’s own and given verdict that the Videos were doctored to implicate Kanhaiya Kumar! Not sure about the claims and counter claims of these media houses, though. Mute point is, on whose prompting that India Today has taken up this activity of proving the videos doctored? Was it the conscience of their own? Were they doing all the verification before airing them ever on their channel on earlier occasions?

Truth is not just about Umar Khalid is a terrorist or an Anti National. Truth is about the role of JNU as well, in all this. It is clear that JNU has become a hub of Anti National activities. Prior to the programme of these Anti National Elements on 9th Feb, 2016, under the banner of DSU, posters were pasted across the campus. Surprising fact is that no one in JNU Administration has seen those posters! University vigilance was comfortably sleeping in their shells and have no idea about the intensity it is going to create among hundreds of students gathering together in support of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt!

Truth is also about where these Anti Nationals were hiding for the past two weeks! As claimed by these Anti Nationals, if they haven’t said anything against the country, why should they be hiding?  Who was sheltering them? Were they in JNU under VC Protection? Or were they outside JNU under Commy/Congi Protection? Since the time these Anti Nationals resurfaced in JNU, why VC is not permitting Police?

Truth is also about the Media Houses and their conduct. Who organized a similar event in Press Club of India premises (on 10th Feb, 2016 - a day after the event in JNU) to mourn the hanging of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt and where anti-India slogans were raised. Can’t these Media Houses see a conspiracy in the whole matter!  Why they have not shown any of the videos of JNU under the pretext of validity, where, in past they never bothered to verify. Also, why there was a deliberate attempt made by NDTV and India Today to divert the attention of people of this country from a Pro-Terrorist-Jihadi-Activist to the beating of Journalists? How many times, did they spend one full week on the atrocities against Journalists? Where were these protests when a journalist was recently burnt alive in Shajahanpur?

Another surprising and important fact is that so far there has been no demand for the removal of the VC and other Administrators of the University in contrast with the Hyderabad Central University vis-à-vis Rohit Vemula’s issue. Why so?

It’s high time that GOI stopped all the financial support to this AntiNationalUniversity and it should be shut down, immediately. VC, Registrar and other Administrators should also be immediately arrested and investigated upon, along with Umar Khalid and his team.

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0 #1 Not JNU, but ANU (Anti National University) Leela 2016-02-25 17:48
JNU row is not complaint against all students of JNU.
Demanding for the shut down of entire university is far fetched.

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