The Natural HR Theory by Dr IVNS Raju

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Dear Mr. Arvind,

Congratulations on becoming the C.M. of Delhi. 

Prefer to be called as Arvind - lotus flower a symbol of freshness and divinity. This is the first change you must bring in and appeal to media, your friends and your political opponents too.  This facilitates the rest of the changes. You are what you are called by.  Kejriwal is not a Sanskrit name so does not have any etymological significance.Indians are known for having names with deep spiritual significance.

Meet Mr. Modi and be humble and seek his support first.   Apologize to him for using the words that were abusive and personal.  Tell him that you are now a clean slate and wish to work with him.  Tell him that you wish to help him demonstrate to world that BJP and AAP together can achieve great results in Delhi and become a model worth emulating by other states.   For instance the state like Telangana with Mr. KCR as its CM must learn from you.  

You need to prove that you are not plan B of Congress.  Meaning you are not run by Congress Leadership and you can certainly align with Mr. Modi in action, speech and thinking.  

Remove all the personal matters, agenda, anguish, interests  and know that God has chosen you as a tool to implement His strategy to norm the egotism that exists in Congress and BJP.  If you start showing your Egotism, God will choose another one as a tool to teach you the same lesson. Consider that you are at a juncture where your spiritual growth is linked to the power that is vested in you as CM.  The more righteous you become the more spiritual growth you achieve.

The victory you have is not yours - the one ordered by the Lord Shiva who is the Mano Niyamaka and who influenced the Delhi voters to vote for AAP.  Therefore you need to be careful in using the power given to you as CM.  Each word you utter from now on is going to decide your fate. Its is an onetime affair in your life so do things as if you are not going to live the next day.

Make the central MoHRD run for its credibility by creating a MoHR in your Cabinet and give a mandate that it shall be the Chief HR Team for the whole Governing system of Delhi State.   Which means each MLA and Minister must spell out their Performance Goal created out of the promises you made and this MoHR shall publish monthly performance reports using free social media, emails etc.

By making AAP get the majority the God has already made BJP - needless to say the dying Congress - to run for ensuring their credibility in the public life. Through your concerted and very transparent efforts you can make BJP deliver its promises too.

Make Swachcha Bharat initiative a unique one in Delhi by leveraging the abundantly available creativity among the youth of Delhi.  Involve them in the process of implementing programs for development and designing schemes thereof.  Establish a very responsive feedback receiving channel between your Cabinet Members and the People of Delhi.   Small and sustainable improvements make huge impact that Mr. Modi Team has failed to understand. 

The so called tech savvy CM like Chandra Babu shall learn from you in leveraging the IT for transparent governance and development.  Make Delhi government free from Corruption.

Remember that you are a tool in the hands of the Lord to implement His strategy. 

With best wishes




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