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"The Queen of Sheba's Belt" is a short novel from British Novelist, Edgar Wallace. It is a crime investigative, suspense thriller and the plot revolves around the theft of a valuable belt being owned by a wealthy Indian Maharaja.

The scene, in this novel, is set during the British rule in India. Raja of a princely state called Jhiopore, goes to London on an invitation from a rich man by name Sir John Wensley who happens to be an antiquarian too. Sir John hosts a party in the honour of his guest from India and the king looses his valuable asset "The Queen of Sheba's Belt".

Now, it is a challenge to Mr. Trennion, the Assistant Commissioner of Police of Scotland Yard, to crack the case, recover the asset of the Indian king and book the culprit. But how can he solve this puzzle as there were too many people at the party and most of them could be the possible suspect!

At the end, the reader can smile at the simple logic used by Mr. Trennion to uncover the real thief.

Curious enough, right?

Why wait? Download the eBook of "The Queen of Sheba's Belt" and get a hold of that simple logic used by Mr. Trennion and I bet that you would wonder as to how come that person could be the actual thief!!

Download this file (The Queen of Shebas Belt.pdf)The Queen of Sheba's BeltThe Queen of Sheba's Belt1184

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