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"The March of Ten Thousand"
was one amongst the excellent book collection done by my maternal great grandfather. I understand from my mother that he died at a very young age (was around 35 years when passed away). It appears that he had lot of interest in reading. I still remember those two big trunks, filled with books, lying in a corner of my maternal grandfather's house in Anantapur. During summer vacations, all afternoons were spent by me in exploring each and every book, stuffed in those heavy trunks made of rosewood.

At that time, very limited knowledge of English of mine was stopping me from having a complete understanding of the contents of those books. I was trying to figure out the content by the imprecise deciphering of few known words and articulating them with the illustrations given therein. I was longing to grow-up quickly to absorb the essence of every book. During summer holidays of 9th & 10th classes (i.e. 1985-86 & 1986-87), I could able to pack few Telugu and English books and carried them back to my home in Tirupati. I was dreaming for the upcoming summer vacation during which I can pack more books.

Unfortunately, my maternal uncles sold the house and all the books were either donated to the Govt. Library or burried deep under the dried-out well which was subsequently filled with sand & stones. This had happened I have just got enrolled in Bi.P.C. group in S.V. Junior College of Tirupati. It was a terrible news for me and I literally shed some tears for the lost treasure.

If I have to list out some of the books that were lucky enough to come with me to Tirupati, they are as under:

1. Oliver Twist - Published in 1880
2. The Monestry by Sir Walter Scott - Published in 1882
3. Black Tulip by Alexadre Dumas - Published in 1930
4. The March of Ten Thousand - Published in 1930
5. Akbar by Laurence Binyon - Published in 1933
6. The Building of the British Empire by E.M. Richardson - Published in 1928
7. Outline of English Grammar by J.C. Nesfield - Published in 1929
8. Julius Casesar (Shakespear drama) - Published in 1878 by Oxford University Press
9. The Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain - Published in 1957
10. The Little English Dictionary published by Oxford University - Year of publishing not known.

Apart from the above, I have few Chemistry & Physics text books published for Indian students during early 1900s.

Images of the cover pages of some of the books can be seen in Page 2.

Now, with the advent of internet and my unexpected entry into online publishing through, I thought of digitizing some of these books, if not all, and contribute something useful for the online readers. So, here comes, the eBook of "The March of Ten Thousand" to you for your leisure reading.

We have tried to incorporate illustrations wherever possible. All those illustrations have been sourced from various websites. I agree that the sources should have been mentioned but in a hurry to hand over this eBook to the readers, I have not made a note of the sources from where these images were downloaded. I sincerely regret for this lapse.

All said and done, I trust that the readers of fiction & non-fiction would like this eBook as "The March of Ten Thousand" had happened almost 2,500 years back, in a distant land of ancient world. Hence, it is a mix of both fiction & non-fiction elements for the 21st century readers. After all, history is full of non-fiction events which could be understood through tale telling, filled with fiction.

I welcome your suggestions and advises on our idea of published eBooks & the improvements that are required.

If you have a one to share, please drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Best regards
Raghothama Rao. C

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