The Natural HR Theory by Dr IVNS Raju

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"Life is not mechanical. Neither it should become a definition of living gadget"

Above is the nutshell description of Dr. Malleswari's novel "Software For Life".

This novel not only depicts the lifetime dilemmas of contemporary society but also suggests the ways and means to come out of those dilemmas. Dr. Malleswari drives a valid point home i.e. "Don't just lead a life but design it".

Dr. Kallury Syamala who is an established academician, having taught humanities at IIT, Delhi has done a wonderful job of translating the Telugu novel into English. The flow of English version is as smooth and understandable as that of the original.

We, now, are pleased to present you the eBook of "Software for Life."

Download this file (Software For Life.pdf)Software For Life - eBookSoftware For Life - eBook631

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