The Natural HR Theory by Dr IVNS Raju

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From the Editor

AKBAR, as visualized by Laurence Binyon, presents himself as a brave, just and very spiritual monarch of Mogul dynasty. Of course, there are many anti-thesis to the generally acclaimed status of Akbar and his 'religious tolerance.' Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to hear from a renowned poet and dramatist and we opine that Laurence Binyon has kept his scholarly descriptions flowing smoothly from chapter to chapter. is that effort's code name which strives to provide the richest content for the online readers and offers the worthy entertainment coupled with useful information.

We, at, have been trying to offer the platter filled with as many varieties as possible and now we are offering another delicacy with historic touch.

Our previous publications of The March of Ten Thousand, another masterpiece of world literature, has been received well by the readers and its eBook has been downloaded more than 180 times (as of now). Similarly, our own historic mega event Palnati Veerabharatam also has been read many a time and its eBook too is leading the charts with 290+ downloads since its publication.

We trust that Akbar too finds his place with our readership and Laurence Binyon can offer some food for the thoughts of history lovers & researchers.

Here comes....AKBAR....

Best regards Editorial Team



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