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Famous "Tower Clock" of Anantapur Town
Anantapur, as the name indicates, is the largest district in Andhra Pradesh and 7th largest in India (19,130 Sq. Km.). It is the 2nd District to receive the scantiest rainfall in India and largest producer of groundnut and having rich resources of diamond, gold and mica.
In spite of the lowest rainfall (out of 91 years, 53 were less than minimum rainfall and 18 were declared as drought), Anantapur as a district has been surviving for the past, say 700 years. This prompted me to know more about the district (ofcourse, the mamakaaram about my birthplace was the seed to know more). Also wherever I have been, if I mention I hail from Anantapur, most of the people know about either about Puttaparthi or factionism (thanks to our Telugu movies). 
Nothing to be ashamed of, Anantapur should have had more than these two to have survived for so many years. Not many in Anantapur itself do not know the rich history and heritage This prompted me to search for a good book on the history of Anantapur.
Being a book work rather than a field guy, I started to look out for instant food, I found this book somewhere on the net and read it in one go. 

The 1st part of the book, I found interesting (around 80% of the book is interesting) and the rest less interesting (not boring). It is good read if you are interested in history, and a must read if you are from the district.
I am sharing the book to the fellow readers, who too, might find it educative and entertaining.

Happy reading

Uday Bhasmkar

Image Source:Photos by Shrikanth Reddy

Download this file (War of Rajas-History of Anantapur District By CP Brown.pdf)Wars of Rajas A History of AnantapurWars of Rajas A History of Anantapur902

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