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Is Media secular?Dear Reader,

In India, the electronic media and then the internet have opened up the communication channels that run 24x7. The revolution in mobile technology has brought the people much closer to the instant updates on the latest happenings. Social media, bookmarkings, tweets etc. have added wings to the information sharing. Websites, portals, free video hosting and of course blogging have allowed both professional columnists and the public to have an even ground to play and express their opinions.

This is the present day scenario in which the modern India is undergoing a phenomenal change in its socio, political, economical and spiritual ideas.


It is no more a surprise that almost all political parties are associated with one or more channels either directly or indirectly. The print media too is a hub of newspapers & magazines that are inclined towards political parties, ideologies and agendas. Online media, with no exception, is divided in to innumerable groups. 

Ever since India has been declared as the secular country, the governments, political parties, intellectuals etc. are trying to uphold the secular image. There were incidents that have had repercussions on the secular fabric of this country and rising many issues like "what is secular", "who is secular" and at times "why to be secular?" 

In this context, would it be worthwhile to review the media's stand on critical issues which impact the country and its populace?

Mr. Rajesh Govind Jamkar, an academician by profession and a writer by passion, thought affirmatively on the above question and has penned his views in a book titled as "Media - Is It Really Secular?".


In this book the author examines whether the media is secular or is it hurting Hindu sentiments. Mr. Jamkar critically reviews and presents his arguments on the media's behaviour in handling sensitive issues of national importance like Godhra, Vadodara, Sangli incidents, Ishrat Jehan encounter etc.  He also reviews other allied topics like Rushdie, Taslima and M.F. Hussain. Another important subject that the writer brings up for public discussion is the media's approach on North-Eastern states.

We are thankful to Mr. Rajesh Jamkar for permitting us to publish his work as a free ebook for our readers.

Read "Media - Is It Really Secular?"....


Best regards

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+1 #2 eBooks - Media - Is it secular? By Mr. R. G. Jamkar UttishthBharat 2014-12-02 12:42
Could not have asked for more detailed factual description of the pimp English media in our country in particular and media in general and their fetish of portraying Islamic brutality as another rightful way of living.
+4 #1 eBooks - Media - Is it secular? By Mr. R. G. Jamkar SIVARAMPRASAD KAPPAG 2014-03-13 11:26
Media is not secular but full of pseudo secularists who are just disguised leftists. Much more than these leftists in disguise, present day commercial media or corporate media is more dangerous. People like Barkha Dutt and Raj Deep Sar Desai are doing much harm to the profession of journalism than anybody else by perpetrating the so called secular liberal thought which is propagated with the connivance of parties like Congress.

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