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Dear Readers,

This is the concluding part of this exclusive series on Sri Sri.

In this part, you would be reading the insightful critiques by Kondareddy Venkateswara Reddy and Dr. Pothuri Venkata Subba Rao which have been translated by Dr. Syamala Kallury with dexterity.

Publication of this series in has left us with a new set of experiences.

Few readers have asked us as to "why are you publishing English translation of Sri Sri in a Telugu website when the readers of your's have already read the original Telugu work?"

We strongly believe that it is the readership of original works that can critically review the quality and effectiveness of translations. The discussions held in Part 1 & 3 are substantiating this view point. Several good observations were made by the readers and same were acknowledged by the translator. Thus, our belief has been strengthened further that it is the native reader who can speak to the translator about the plus & minus of the translations.

Certain readers suggested that there is an urgent need for translating good literature from other languages in to Telugu. Webzines like Emaata, Vaakili etc. are putting their best efforts by publishing Telugu translations of other languages. Poets like Mukunda Rama Rao, Garikapati Pavan Kumar, Dr. Kallury Syamala and others are undertaking this stupendous job and are excelling in their endevours. has done its bit in this regard between 2008 & 2010. Couple of enthusiasts have tried their hand in translating poems from Kannada and English. Here are the links to those translations:


హిమసంధ్యలో, వనాల వద్ద!నాదైన నాలోనికియాభయ్యో పడి చెప్పింది!విలువైన సమయంపొద్దుపొడుపుజోలపాట-సరోజినీ నాయుడు Cradle Songచుక్కలుఆనందాతిరేకంనాలుగు తంత్రులుకళ్ళు, విరబూసి (అనువాద కవిత)

But that effort could not be continued further. We trust that the efforts should be initiated again.

By and large, this exclusive series of translations of Sri Sri has done a lot of value addition to the internet Telugu literature repository and we thank Dr. Syamala Kallury for all the support given to us in publishing this exemplary work.

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Best regards

Editorial Team



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