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Now you are reading the judgment pronounced by the Judge of Common Man’s Court of India by the authority vested in him by the all pervading common sense.

Here is the full text of the judgment pronounced on public platform.

The Judgment:

Some members of Hindu ilk have filed several petitions against a Hindi movie called PK. All these petitions were filed as articles/opinions in online & print media. These articles have drawn further support in the form of street protests by some people who have been called as ‘fringe elements’ by the Indian media.

All these have been considered as suo motu evidence by this judge and an independent inquiry has been conducted. As part of an impartial inquiry, the following charges framed by the Center Right, Far Right and Extreme Right wingers have been studied in-depth and suitable findings have been done by the Judge.

List of Charges made against PK & Team:

  1. PK has denigrated Hindu gods and ridiculed Hinduism.
  2. PK has a covert idea to endorse Love Jihad.
  3. PK is a veiled attack by Aamir Khan to promote Islam.
  4. PK has tried to impress people that Hinduism is full of errors.
  5. PK is instigating media to insult Hinduism by using their platforms.
  6. PK recommends to Indian girls to get assistance from Pakistan embassies for getting married with Paki men.

Inquiry & Its Findings:

The findings of my enquiry have affirmed all the above allegations to be true but not in their original sense i.e. denigration of Hindu Gods and Hinduism or promoting love jihad or promoting Islam by AK or PK promoting PK (Pakistan).

CHARGE 1 : PK has denigrated Hindu gods and practices of Hindus:

Some Hindus have vociferously accused PK and team that they have belittled their gods and practices. They have provided following evidences:

Evidence 1:

pk pouring milk on shiv ling

PK pours milk on a Shiva Linga installed on banks of a river but later ridicules the practice that many people are dying from hunger yet people pour milk on images of gods. Many ‘fringe’ elements felt this is an insult to Hindu gods & practices.

Evidence 2:

actor in shiv attire hides between legs

An actor dressed up as God Shiva gets chased by PK who is trying to get back his lost ‘remote.’ In order to escape from frenzied PK, the actor enters in to the Ahsram of Tapasviji and hides between the rows of chairs. While doing so, the actor makes himself fall on the feet of the people sitting on chairs. ‘Fringe’ elements found this is insulting God Shiva.

Evidence 3:

PK installs linga 

PK, who poured milk on the Shiva’s idol and chased a guy in Shiva’s attire, now puts up a rock lying at road side and smears it with pan masala. He articulates the installation of the stone (symbolic to God Shiva) in business terms like ‘investment’ etc. Almost all ‘fringe’ elements of Hindutva found this scene and its articulation as denigration of Hindu methods of image worship etc.

Evidence 4:

PK Tapasvi debate

The character of Tapasviji, a fake godman, has been aimed at mocking the Guru system that is popular in Hinduism. While OMG has shown different fake Gurus of Hinduism, PK finds the shades of all in one Tapasviji. Hindu ‘fringe’ elements cried foul on this depiction and seriously objected for this act of team PK.

Findings by the Judge:

It is true that the above images are original and authentic. But all of them, in no way, disparage or belittle Hindu gods and practices. They actually support and promote Hindu gods & practices.

It is true that PK pours milk on a Shiva Linga on a river bank in a hope to get his missing ‘remote control.’ Subsequently, he mocks at this milk-pouring ritual by saying there are many poor guys dying without food and yet people pour milk on the images of gods.

It is also true that PK installs a rock as God and smears red colour paan masala to which people start offering money. Some people are shown prostrating before the rock without a second thought!

People prostrating before linga stone

In spite of all these true evidences, the ‘fringe’ elements have failed to prove their charge. They have leveled the accusations without reading the scenes collectively and this disconnection has caused them to become ‘fringe.’ Following paragraph shows why it important to linking the scenes.

PK buys a pot full of milk and pours it on God Shiva’s image with all sincerity. PK must have spent around Rs.30-40 to buy the milk. Shivji, living up to His trait, i.e. being a Bhola Shankar has got moved by the sincerity of an alien who quickly adopted to a great ritual of performing ‘Abhishekam.’ God Shiva has since then was longing to help this alien at an appropriate time.

God Shiv has found one such occasion when PK installs a rock and calls it as the God! Bhola Shankar has almost instantaneously made Himself manifested in that rock and started attracting people.

God Shiv wanted to return PK with as much money as possible as He clearly remembers that PK spent money to buy milk for abhishekam! God Shiv being the principal inspiration to all living souls has motivated the people to offer “cash” only and desisted them from “pouring milk.”

God Shiv felt that PK needs more money to do many pious Abhishekams and installation of Shiv lingas in future too. Therefore, the Evidences 1 & 3 must be linked together to get to know the mercy shown by God Shiva on an alien. But the ‘fringe’ elements have fallen prey for the same dichotomy that PK, out of sheer ignorance, exhibits during his mockery at pouring milk on Shiv Linga.

Now, coming to the Evidence 2 in which an actor in God Shiv’s attire found strolling between the rows of seats, the ‘fringe’ must understand the fact that humans can never be a God even though he decorates himself with all insignia of a God. The true intention of Team PK in making a fake Shivji to sneak between the legs of humans is to make the above assertion strong.

Also, it would not be out of place to suggest the ‘fringe’ elements that it is the Hindu god that lead PK towards his goal of locating the lost remote. PK finds it on the stage on which Tapasviji sat only when he starts chasing fake Shivji. From these available evidences it becomes clear that no other god has really helped the poor alien on this unfamiliar, treacherous earth other than a Hindu God.

As far as the indictment of Guru (or Baba) culture is concerned, all through the movie Tapasviji, though a fake guru, never advised his men to plant bombs at Jaggu’s house or to open fire on the studios of Cherry Bajwa who was airing ‘Wrong Number’ videos. Tapasvi never issued dictum (Fathwa!) to kill PK or Jaggu or Cherry. He never ever raised his hand against PK in all those one-to-one interactions that he had with the latter. Even after being thoroughly run down by PK before large gatherings, Tapasvi never assaulted PK physically. Finally, Tapasviji pitted himself against PK for a TV debate and not in a street fight! (Rajdeep Sardesai! You got a lesson to learn from Tapasvi). Polemical arguments are the only weapons for Hindu gurus (including fake ones) and by this the Team PK has reiterated the fact that Hindu gurus could be fakes but not fanatics.

PK has confirmed the fact that the Hindu gurus (including fakes) with all their sparkling robes, clean shaven heads and commanding large nos. of followers are generally non-violent. They are definitely tolerant as far as criticism in public is concerned. PK movie has portrayed the Guru or Baba or Sanysin system of Hinduism in most commendable fashion.

The ‘fringe’ elements have once again missed the efforts made by PK team in upholding the Hinduism. People can read the clear message that following a (fake) Guru who does not recommend violence as the only means of salvation is far better than following a treacherous teacher. 

CHARGE 2 : PK has a covert idea to endorse Love Jihad:

The question of love jihad comes up only when there is a ‘love.’

In PK movie Jaggu never loved Sarfaraz but only spent some jolly time with him. So there is no question of Love Jihad being extolled by PK.

Jaggu is a lame duck so to say and not a serious lover. She does not know what a true love is all about. Jaggu, with her fake love syndrome, is worse than fake Tapasviji.

Tapasviji did profess with near-accuracy that the love affair of Jaggu with Pakistani boy shall fall flat. His prediction was that the Pak boy may ditch Jaggu. But being a human being he failed to read the future that it is Jaggu who ditches the Paki boy without any ramification. In midst of all this, PK has proved beyond doubt that Hindu gurus can predict the future but the followers must be cautious in drawing inferences. So, there is no iota of doubt that Jaggu has never really loved Sarfaraz.

I call in the following evidence to substantiate my finding.

 Jaggu fails to recognize handwriting

A boy comes and delivers a letter to Jaggu sitting in a Marriage Registration Office in some town of Belgium. Jaggu reads the letter and gets devastated by its contents. The letter, supposedly written by Sarfaraz, says that the marriage between them can’t happen due to objections from the family (of Sarfaraz) and also mentions some sundry reasons as well.

After reading the letter, Jaggu trashes her love affair and boards a taxi and asks the driver to steer the vehicle to New Delhi.

The crucial points to be noted here are –

(1)   Can’t Jaggu recognize the handwriting of her sweet heart?

(2)   Has not she ever seen the handwriting of Sarfaraz?

(3)   Can she become susceptible for considering a letter as true when it does not have head (Dear Jaggu or Jaggu Darling or Jaggu) and tail (the signature of Sarfaraz)?

(4)   Is this how an Indian girl studying overseas uses her intelligence?

Thus there is no love as far as Jaggu is concerned. She found a boy and had fun with him for some time. When she felt like going home by boarding a Belgium taxi, she did it with precision! Thus the ‘fringe’ elements have fallen flat in proving Love Jihad case in PK.

I found Jaggu and the creators of her character are guilty for showing Indian girls in poor light and also mocking at the decision making capabilities of Indian women.

CHARGE 3 : PK is a veiled attack by Aamir Khan to promote Islam:

'Fringe' elements have filed the following evidences that show AK’s hidden agenda to promote Islam:

Evidence 1:

 green pendant

A pendant in Green colour (remote control) has been shown as the vital ‘key’ to go to upper world to which PK belongs to. Green colour, as such, is closely identified with Islam Aamir made a veiled attempt to show Islam is the only ‘key’ to reach the upper world i.e. Salvation.

 Evidence 2:

 Man as hindu

PK introduces a person in Sikh attire to the audience gathered in Tapasviji’s ashram. PK asks the man to remove the turban and calls him a “Hindu” and subsequently asks the person to remove his fake mustache and shows him as a “Muslim.” Later the person does not remove the Muslim-style beard but remains as ‘Muslim’ for the rest of the show. Thus Aamir made a covert attempt to convey that Islam is the true identity.

Findings by the Judge:

Evidences confirm that the pendant is in Green colour and it acts like a remote control to reach the upper world i.e. ‘Golaa’ of PK and the man in 2nd evidence remains as Musalman till the end of the scene.

Green colour is not forbidden or banned in Hinduism as well. Our national tricolor does contain Green. Thus green colour can’t be closely associated with Islam but must be associated with Indianness.

With my fullest respect and honour to Sikhs and Muslims I wish to advise the ‘fringe’ elements that the appearance of the man brought by PK looks secular and smart in his Hindu getup. This act of PK has only reaffirmed the secular face of Hinduism that it can go with Sikhs and/or Muslims but never likes to isolate itself by putting up a turban or by removing mustache. Therefore, the ‘fringe’ elements have failed yet again to understand the quantum of Hindu promotion done by PK and team!

CHARGE 4 : PK has tried to impress people that Hinduism is full of errors:

‘Fringe’ people accused PK’s team that they have shown only one error each for Christianity and Islam but have shown two errors in Hinduism and thereby attempted to degrade Hinduism as full of errors and nothing but errors!

Evidence 1: 

Single problem of christianity

‘Fringe’ elements have stated that PK showed “Conversion” is the only problem with Christianity and nothing else though there are pedophile padres that were indicted by the previous Pope.

Evidence 2: 

‘Fringes’ have lamented that as per PK, the denial of Girls’ education is the only problem with Islam though the cases like I.S. in Iraq are showing the ugly side of that religion.

Whereas Hindism has been shown to be suffering from multiple problems and highlighted two popular practices of Hindus i.e. Feeding to cow and reciting Mantras as ‘wrong numbers.’

Problem 1 of hinduism 

Problem 2 of hinduism

The ‘fringe’ guys felt such type of presentation is an abuse of Hinduism.

Findings by the Judge:

I am of the opinion that the ‘frigne’ folks have missed to understand what PK team tried to present. They (‘fringe’ guys) need to understand the fact that both Christianity and Islam are single-book religions and Hinduism is a system built on multipls books (or innumberable books!)

Owing to their less complexity in terms of books to read & understand, the single book religions have been shown with solitary problems. But Hinduism being complex with its vast number of books, commentaries on the books, translations of the books & commentaries, criticisms and counter-criticisms on books and commentaries etc. PK team has tried to show up two problems of Hinduism and in order to make their point clear, PK team has cleverly chosen the topics of Cow feeding and Mantra chanting.

By bringing cows and mantras at forefront as problems of Hinduism, PK team strived to show the two great strengths of Hinduism i.e. (1) It does not have a problematic practice called conversion; (2) It does not follow the medival concept of “no education for girls.”

If someone feeds cow to get a job or recites a mantra to get a child all such acts shall become personal choices and do not have any bearing on the society unlike the problems such as converstions and denial of girls’ right to education. PK has made it explicitly clear that the so-called errors of Hinduism may be the personal errands and not dreaded social evils.

The ‘fringe’ elements have thus erred in their observations and have accused PK and the team without much basis!

CHARGE 5 : PK is instigating media to insult Hinduism by using their platforms:

It is accused by the ‘fringe’ elements that PK tried to hint the Indian media to use all its platforms to attack Hinduism. They blamed PK team that they have covertly supplied the topics to the Indian media for condcuting such shows that denegrate Hinduism.

Findings by the Judge:

There is no substance in the above allegations. Actually, PK tried earnestly to showcase how dumb and naïve is Indian media. I quote the following scenes from the movie:

Scene 1:

Jaggu becomes journo

Jaggu, after reaching Delhi by boarding a Belgium taxi, becomes a TV journalist and starts hosting programs that deal with obscure and absurd topics like “puppy-goes-to-kill-itself”. After making many appearances in such programs, Jaggu becomes weary of the staple topics. At this time, she finds PK and designs a sensational program which becomes a super hit – courtesy Tapasviji and Hinduism.

With this as background it becomes clear that PK team suggested the media to host more programs on Hinduism and that alone can improve their TRP ratings. PK did suggest that the Hinduism and its people are having the rich content, intent, novelty and a great pool of ideas for making popular programs. So, the allegations levelled by the ‘fringe’ elements on PK’s stealthy signal to media to wage war on Hinduism is complete unsubstantiated.

Here I wish to educate the ‘fringe’ elements to improve their mental faculties. PK team has literally shown the pathetic quality standards of Indian journos through Jaggu character. You know, by this time, that Jaggu vanished from Belgium on a pretext of failed love that has been blamed on to a piece of paper supposedly written by her unsuspecting Pak lover.

Jaggu, who failed to recognize the handwriting of her lover, becoming a journo itself shows the selection criteria prevailing in Indian media. Jaggu as a dumbo jumbo journo strongly suggests the criteria that Burkhas, Rajdeeps and Arnabs have followed in promoting themselves as media champions. Its my strong opinion that PK has literally exposed the crooked media than suggesting the media to go against Hindus.

If one listens carefully to the TV debate between PK and Tapasviji, one can clearly understand how PK team has promoted Hinduism as the creed full of peaceful people. Look at these evidences that were picked up by me:

Evidence 1: 

train blast

On the even of the live debate between PK and Tapasviji there occurs a train blast that later commented up on as an act of terror by none other than PK. This incident would leave his ‘pyaara Bhaaya’ (Sanjay Dutt) dead.

 Evidence 2:

Bhaayaa dead

Here lies a Hindu Bhaaya dead that took care of PK when he arrived on this earth fully confused and perplexed. This lovely Hindu Bhaaya helped PK to reach Delhi. This innocent and loving Hindu Bhaaya caught fellow Hindu who confiscated PK’s ‘Green’ remote and brought him to Delhi only to meet with his death.

During the debate Tapasviji says that the train blast was an act of terror by Muslims. PK admits the violent face of Islam that has killed the innocent Hindus (Bhaaya & the thief of PK’s green remote) but he does it in a funny way.

Rather than answering Tapasviji’s remarks on Islamic terror PK demands the former to show the “thappa” put by God that marks a Hindu as Hindu and a Muslim as Muslim. Though this is a cleaver detour taken by PK, he undoubtedly admits that terrorism almost gets parallel to Islam. His demonstration of the torn shoe of Bhaaya remains as an unchallenged evidence for the humanness of Hindus. It only needs little common sense to understand that the Hindus who can easily get connected with aliens can also get connected with other humans more easily.

Thus, PK has proven the point that there must be open debates on TV channels and the violence caused by militant Islamists must be discussed by one and all. This is the need of the hour. Hence the charges made by ‘fringes’ cannot be considered as serious charges.

CHARGE 6 :PK recommends Indian girls to seek Pakistan embassies’ support for getting married with Pak men:

Some of the ‘fringe’ elements who are familiar with foreign affairs & overseas matrimonial services have hurled accusations against PK that it is carrying a conceled advisory to Indian girls that they can seek Pak embassy’s help to find their life partners in Pakistan. They have also warned that this is a dangerous suggestion which can destablize the country and promote human trafficking in the name of love & marriage.

Findings by the Judgement:

First I wish to present two evidenes that speak against the charges made by ‘fringe’ elements:

Evidence 1:

Pak embassy receptionist

Here is the beautiful, ever smiling and charming receptionist of Pak Embassy at Belgium who sports “May I help you” board. You can see the crowd-free office and the receptionist’s table free from files, visitor slips, courier packages and stuff like that. This is a clear proof for “hardly working” or “low (no) work” atmosphere prevailed over in a Pak Embassy.

From the testimony given by the receptionist herself it becomes amply lucid that the only work that she has done is on all those days is to receive a call bang at 9 am from Sarfaraz who calls from Pakistan without fail. She then sits pretty to receive call from Jaggu, the Indian girl. Her waiting is as painful and as stretched as “Waiting for Godo.”

Evidence 2:

Pak Embassy guys together

When the call from Jaggu came in finally and the sustained “Waiting For Jaggu” act by the receptionist is over all the staffs of Pak Embassy come together to celebrate. The image shown above is again free from visitors, long queues, files, papers, stickit reminders etc etc.

By all these depictions, PK has sincerely tried to show that Pakistan is a failed state and its embassies do not have any work at all. So, how on this earth the intelligence of Indian girls be suspected that they would choose life partners from a failed state and lazy country?

Therefore the ‘fringe’ elements have eternally errned in their judgement and levelled baseless accusations against PK and team.

Closing Remarks by the Judge:

Though I relieve PK and team from all the charges levelled against them by ‘fringe’ elements, I wish to caution them about their unforgivable errands that are listed below:

Errand 1: 

cherry bajua bummm

It is untrue that Hindus ever attacked media personnel with tridents. So far no such incident is recorded and no such complaint has ever been lodged by any media with any court in India. Trying to add such shades of non-existing violence on to a particular belief system must be avoided. I reprimand the Censor Board for not taking cognizance of the impact created from such picturization.

I trust that the viewers of PK would have applied their logic to understand the fact that Cherry Bajwa survived the alleged trident attack and happily lived ever after. In spite of the alleged attack the life and career of Cherry have continued without any damage or further recurrence of violent attacks. On contrary, the poor Bhaaya (Sanjay Dutt) and his fellow villager got killed in the dastardly act of train blast purportedly committed by the followers of Islam.

I sincerely hope that the Indian film goers would have applied their common sense to articulate the difference in toletance exhibited by those religions shown in PK and would have arrived at their final judgment unbiased.

Errand 2:

    PK 3

 PK 4

These are the scenes in which PK returns to earth with few more PKs (including Ranbir Kapur) to conduct research on humans. I fail to understand as to why PK team allowed only men of PK’s ‘golaa’ to descend on earth for a study tour? Why not the females? Or is it a practice in PK’s ‘golaa’ too that females are forbidden to study?

I suggest to the director and script writer to be cautious and refrain from making self-goals on sensitive issues like girls, their education and study tours. This cuation shall become applicble in the case of girls from other golaas as well. Otherwise people like PK Director and script writer will be condemned forever for being MCPs.

On the whole, PK and team have given their best to promote Hinduism. PK and team have relentlessly tried to protect and uphold the secular, all encompassing and multi-book culture of Hindus.

I hereby dismiss all the hue and cry made by the fringe elements and relieve PK and team from all the charges levelled against them. I recommend no punitive measures but a strict caution on the errands highlighted above.

My special appreciation goes to:

sonal jain 

Dictated, signed and sealed under my hand.

C. Raghothama Rao

Judge - Common Man’ Court




Readers and general public are here by warned that after reading this judgment, no one can show off expressions such as the following as they are strictly prohibited by the Court.

Jaggu mum  sis frown

Kapur as PK 2


+3 #1 PK - Final Judgment IVNS 2015-01-28 10:50
Raghu garu your judgement is worth reading and reflecting.
Thanks for taking your valuable time to write this.

In the name of insulting the Indian Bhakti many indulge in self-defeating acts. Indian Bhakti neither needs a marketing team nor a sales team. It has got an inherent sales and marketing power that proved its uniqueness by withstanding the so called damage done to our temples and other social aspects of our country in the past.

Yet, Indians demonstrate their own unique Bhakti!!

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