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In all Indian Epic stories, we come across the character of Sage Narada. This is not a mythical character but a true one. We can find significant roles played by Sage Narada in The Ramayana, The Mahabharatha ,two Indian Epic texts which happened at different points of time in succeeding order. The character of Sage Narada also finds mention at various places in Devi Bhagavatham------which deals with Mother Goddess’s omni presence and omnipotence.

Sage Narada always makes a timely entrance whenever a tough situation arises, be it in The Ramayana or in The Mahabharatha and he gives Sage counsel to the parties concerned in solving the problems or overcoming the crisis.

Sage Narada appears not only in the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha but in the later years such as 1787  i.e. hardly four hundred fifty years back. He is said to have appeared in person to Saint Sri Tyagaraja, who was born in a poor Telugu speaking (One of the four languages of the South India)Brahmin family in Thiruvaroor village of Tamilnadu, India and initiated Saint Sri Tyagaraja into pure Carnatic music by presenting him a Divine Booklet called “SWARARNAVAM”. With the help of this Divine  booklet and the blessings of Sage Narada Saint Tyagaraja composed 24,000 krithies (songs ) in praise of Lord Rama and Sita , the principal characters of the Ramayana.

Thus Saint Tyagaraja came to be revered as a Saint composer of great respect and devotion throughout India.

Sage Narada was often called as “KALAHA BHOJANA”-- which means who has a great appetite for creating tussles between people. This is a misnomer. In order to complete an unfinished task a primer always becomes necessary. This primer can be in the form of verbal encouragement or in some other manner. In order to really understand the character of Sage Narada, we have to study deep into his words or deeds in bringing two or more people together to thrash out a full and final settlement of the existing problem. That is why he was working as a conduit between two parties, giving required advice and as required by the situation-----culminating in a solution to the problem. Therefore I feel the character of Sage Narada as depicted in the great Epics of India is akin to a political statesman who plays a pivotal role in achieving a desired result for the common good of all the peoples through his experience and sage counsel.

The Bhagavatha Purana describes the story of Narada’s spiritual enlightenment. He was the primary source of information among Gods and is believed to be the first journalist on Earth. He was never married. In his previous birth, Narada was a Gandharva (Angelic being) and he had been cursed to be born on an earthly planet due to some offense.

He was born as the son of a maid servant. His mother used to work in a Brahimin’s house. Narada’s mother used to do all the household work in the brahmin’s house. The Brahmins were saintly priests. They were being pleased with Narada and his mother’s services blessed Narada by allowing him to eat some of their food (known as Prasad previously offered to their Lord Vishnu). Gradually Narada received further blessings from these sages and heard them discussing many spiritual topics. One day the Brahmin priest asked Narada’s mother to milk the cows. When she went to milk the cows she was bitten by a snake and breathed her last. Narada even though he felt sad about his mother’s demise, he felt a sort of happiness because he thought that he can seek his path of enlightenment. So Narada decided to roam the forest in search of enlightenment in understanding the “Supreme Absolute Truth”. Reaching a tranquil forest location, after quenching his thirst from a nearby stream he sat under a tree in meditation. He started concentrating on the Paramatma (Supreme God) i.e Lord Vishnu as he had been taught by the priests he had served.

After sometime, Narada experienced a vision wherein Lord Vishnu appeared before him. Lord Vishnu told him to chant his name and roam the world. He told Narada that he will be born as Lord Brahma the creator’s son in his next birth and he will be given the veena named Mahathi and he will be given the unique honour of roaming everywhere and praising the Lord and chant his name. So Narada was born as a sage in his next birth and till now he is omnipresent and he is everywhere spreading the good deeds of Lord Vishnu and chanting his praise. Even though people say that Narada creates troubles he does them only with the good intension of creating peace and harmony in this world. Narada is a great sage and musician who always sings the praise of Lord Vishnu.



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your essay is very nice, giving good information. ఇందులోనే "మన భారతీయ నాటకములలో, సినిమాలలో నారదుని పాత్రలు" క్లుప్తంగా ఇస్తే - అనుబంధ వ్యాసముగా బాగుంటుంది చిత్ర గారూ! -
- Kusuma Piduri
[fv]"మన భారతీయ నాటకములలో, సినిమాలలో నారదుని పాత్రలు" [/fv]

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